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The North Yungas: Thick into It

Fallen but Not Defeated The beast we spoke so highly of when we first entered the Yungas has nearly swallowed us. Mud licked at our wheels, gurgled, burped, and sucked us into the folds of terrestrial digestion to the point of complete bicycle failure. Despite the knowledge that the 223-mile loop contained 34,000ft of climbing […]

Diesel Bound


Transportation takes many forms in Bolivia, mainly, anything that moves. Here we’ve hitched in a dump truck, yet again filled with questionable cargo. Thankfully though, since James’s climbing gears were on their last limbs, and Katie was courting the popularly acclaimed Cipro.

Talking Finance

Headfirst into the Taboo Without fail, we’re put under the financial spotlight at least once per conversation when we’re chatting with the locals. We’re used to it, because no matter how modestly dressed we are, we’re gringos on bicycles. At first, we’d hem and haw, but after six weeks of practice here in Bolivia, we’ve […]