Highest highs and lowest lows

Over the past seventy-two hours, some combination of the three of us has been exploding from multiple vectors simultaneously. We’re attributing it to altitude sickness, hypothermia, beef intestine soup, or the soup that included a chicken head and both feet per bowl. For James though, we actually think it was the blackberries we bought yesterday […]

Katie sleeping off altitude sickness as we wait for a bus down to El Corazón at 1900 meters.

First days in Ecuador

Of the 250 km we’ve ridden so far, only 15 of those have been on asphalt. What a blur to suddenly be riding faster than 4 km/hr! After starting on the southwest side of Quito on Jan 2, we rode up and out of the city through the first of many steep sloped farming communities. […]


The North Yungas: Thick into It

Fallen but Not Defeated The beast we spoke so highly of when we first entered the Yungas has nearly swallowed us. Mud licked at our wheels, gurgled, burped, and sucked us into the folds of terrestrial digestion to the point of complete bicycle failure. Despite the knowledge that the 223-mile loop contained 34,000ft of climbing […]

Gold: It’s Complicated


Gold mining at an 18-man cooperative outside of Maipiri. In a nearby town, a gold-buyer shared that the men find and sell roughly 500 grams/week, not quite the bounty you would expect from this level of destruction. But as always, it’s complicated when it contributes to livelihoods. Another nearby town had to instate an ordinance prohibiting digging within town limits. Stay tuned for more…