Cycling Upstate New York: the Adirondacks and Catskills

Our lives are governed by a few guiding principles, one of which is committing to at least one bicycle tour per year. After returning last June (2013) from our tour in South America, it took some time to decompress, reconnect with friends and family, and ground ourselves before leaving for our next adventure. But we did it! We slid in a trip that ended a few mere hours before the one year anniversary of our first tour.

This time we planned 11 days to explore and cycle within and between two parks in Upstate New York, the Adirondacks and the Catskills, on as many dirt roads as possible. The trip originated from a geographic happenstance, visiting parents in Vermont and a friend’s wedding in the Catskills. James used his brother’s bike and Katie shipped hers to Vermont via FedEx (infinitely cheaper than all other options).

With limited time to plan the trip, we opted to set off westward and mapless and see where we ended up. As always, we couldn’t have chosen a better modus operandi, since our favorite roads were those we learned about from the locals and our favorite campsites those thrust upon us by rainstorms.

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