Chilly Paradise

It’s been over a week now, and I’m still getting settled at the station. The almost overwhelming, surreal feeling of being in this amazing place hasn’t left since the moment I arrived. I’m still in awe of the grandness of the scenery, the excitement of seeing new wildlife, the vibrant community I am becoming a part of, and -of course- the interesting project I’m working on.

We’ve been working hard pretty much since the Gould’s gangway was lifted into place, spending every good weather day out on the water. So far, we’ve had around 95 humpback sightings near station and have even seen a few minke whales. The weather has been unbelievably nice, so much so that the annual folks are incredulous. It’s been calm and sunny, hovering around 37 degrees, which makes for some pleasant days working out on the water.

Early on I was hung up on a bout of the plague (or the crud, depending on who you talk to) that slowly afflicted just about everyone on station. It knocked me out for a few days, and people are still falling ill. I’m just hoping it doesn’t make a second appearance. I’m feeling great now though and have the evening free to share about our incredible day of leopard seals! Today they were hauled out all over the place. Over the course of the day, we saw about a dozen of them on low-lying icebergs around the boating area. What a treat! I should mention that we take extra precaution around the leopard seals, since you would definitely not want to be in the water with one of them.